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birds choice deck mounted heated bird bath Birds Choice Heated bird bath Bird Bath De-icers
Birds Choice heated bird bath deck mountBirds Choice Heated Bird Bath with StandK&H Ice Eliminator Bird Bath De-Icer

New Bath on the market. High quality heated bird bath with a 125.6 watt heater build-in to the bowl. Made from recycled materials, Built-in thermostat.  Easy to take on and off deck railings with a clamp style bracket.

Heated bird bath with a 125.6 watt heater installed in the bowl. Made from recycled material. Includes a built-in thermostat so the bath shuts on and off with air temperature. Longer cord than other heated baths. High Quality 4 year warranty The...

50 watt Bird Bath de-icer. Can be spray painted to match bird baths, safe in all bird baths. Maintains open water in sub-zero temps.

Thermostatically controlled 3 year warranty




Farm Innovators 75 watt deicer Farm Innovators' birdbath de-icer 44 watt Farm Innovators C-50 150 watt
Farm Innovators 75 watt DeicerFarm Innovators B-9 Economical Birdbath De-Icer, 44-WattFarm Innovators Premium Bird Bath De-icer C-50

The faux rock HR-75 from Farm Innovators is aesthetically pleasing and safe in all bird baths. The surface can be painted to the color of your choice. It is thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary.

Farm Innovators' birdbath de-icer is an affordable, low-wattage birdbath de-icer Ideal for shallow birdbaths Farm Innovators birdbath de-icer has a unique foil construction Includes a 3-prong grounded cord Uses 44-watt power

Constructed of patented cast aluminum for ultimate efficiency and safety, this de-icer is thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Safe in all birdbaths. Three year limited warranty.  150 watt




API heated bird bath with bracket - 150 watt, heated bird bath First Nature Bird Waterer Water Wiggler water feature
API Heated Birdbath w/Deck Mount Bracket 150 wattFirst Nature Bird WatererWater Wiggler

Mounts to any wooden deck rail and supplies ice-free water all winter long. Will not crack in winter. Thermostatically controlled heater. Heating element is completely hidden beneath bird bath surface. 150 Watts of power. Use year round, remove...

First Nature's Bird Waterer and Birdbath features a durable water reservoir that holds over 100 ounces of water, then releases it into four separate drinking pools on demand.

Add to your bird bath to attract birds Deters mosquitos away Prevents stagnant water No wiring or plumbing Easy to install Attracts bird to bird baths