Bird Feeders for Small birds and Finches

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10" Nyjer Thistle Sock. Goldfinches love these socks. The best ones Aspects Vista Dome Droll Yankees covered platform feeder
10" Nyjer Thistle SockAspects Vista DomeDroll Yankees Covered Platform Bird feeder

We have used many thistle/finch sacks. These are the best!  10" sock

Vista Dome is an all purpose feeder. Fill it with seed, fruit, mealworms, nuts, pet food, or even small chunks of cheese. Aspects' Domes are built to last a lifetime - that's why they carry a Lifetime Guarantee. 

  • 14-3/4″ Adjustable cover protects the seed from weather and allows for management of desired bird size. Acrylic tray holds the seed. Cardinals love this feeder




Droll Yankee X- 1 seed saver Acrylic yellow weather guard Large Acrylic Finch feeder mesh screen
Droll Yankees X-1 Seed SaverAcrylic Weather Guards YellowLarge Acrylic Finch feeder mesh screen

WONDERFUL BIRD FEEDER! Deep dish saves dropped food and holds sunflower seed, mixed seed, fruit, or mealworms and a adjustable dome to keep out larger birds

Acrylic hangs above any of your feeders to protect against the rain. Feeder sold separately. Comes with brass hardware. 13"
Great product. Comes in red, yellow and orange.

Buntings and Goldfinch flock to this mesh feeder. Clear acrylic roof and tray have scalloped design. Birds can cling everywhere on the mesh hopper or use the six steel perches.




Metal screened finch feeder by Birds Choice USA made. Removable bottom Thistle Sacks lg - 18" Yellow acrylic finch feeder
Metal screened finch feederThistle Sacks lg - 18"Yellow acrylic finch feeder

Stainless steel construction
-Bright yellow metal top and bottom
-Removable bottom for easy clean
Tray available

We have used many thistle/finch sacks. These are the best!  18" long

Yellow molded acrylic top and bottom, stainless steel screen. Birds cling all over screen. Dispense nyjer seed and/or hulled sunflower fines. Lifetime warranty. Has matching weather dome. Love this little feeder.