Bird feeders for meal worms

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"Jail" Bluebird Meal worm feeder, Aspects Vista Dome Droll Yankees covered platform feeder
Mealworm Bird Feeder - "Jail"Aspects Vista DomeDroll Yankees Covered Platform Bird feeder

Bird feeder to keep out larger birds when feeding mealworms.


Vista Dome is an all purpose feeder. Fill it with seed, fruit, mealworms, nuts, pet food, or even small chunks of cheese. Aspects' Domes are built to last a lifetime - that's why they carry a Lifetime Guarantee. 

  • 14-3/4″ Adjustable cover protects the seed from weather and allows for management of desired bird size. Acrylic tray holds the seed. Cardinals love this feeder




Droll Yankee X- 1 seed saver Jelly Feeder orange Recycled Pole-Mounted or screwed to post or building Meal worm bird feeder recycled plastic by Birds Choice
Droll Yankees X-1 Seed SaverJelly Feeder Recycled Pole-Mounted Meal worm bird feeder recycled plastic

WONDERFUL BIRD FEEDER! Deep dish saves dropped food and holds sunflower seed, mixed seed, fruit, or mealworms and a adjustable dome to keep out larger birds

NEW!!!!This recycled plastic orange (attracts orioles) feeder comes with pole clamps to easily mount to a pole. Clear cup holds a good quantity of jelly or can be used for other bird food such as meal worms, peanuts, suet pellets or fruit....

Meal worm feeder made out of recycled plastic. Keeps out large birds