Oriole Nectar and Jelly Feeders plus access.

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Droll Yankee red ant moat Oriole ribbons attractor weather dome oriole feeder
Droll Yankees Red Ant moatOriole ribbons attractorTranslucent 12 oz. Oriolefest Feeder w/Weather Guard

 This little Ant Moat offers protection for your hummingbird feeders. When filled with water, this little cup forms a barrier that keeps ants away from the irresistible nectar of the hummingbird feeders.

3 x 3 x 7.75 in 

Attach these ribbons strips to your poles, hooks or any place on the Oriole feeder that will not obstruct the birds from eating.

   Translucent 12 oz. Oriolefest Feeder w/Weather Guard. High-impact polycarbonate construction. Rain deflectors and built-in ant moats deter insects and prevent contamination. Lifetime Guarantee.




Oriole jelly and Orange feeder Orange Weather dome for Oriole feeder Jelly Feeder orange Recycled Pole-Mounted or screwed to post or building
Orange flower Oriole FeederOrange Weather Dome 10"Jelly Feeder Recycled Pole-Mounted

This flower feeder has a dual purpose, small bowl for grape jelly and two pegs for orange halves.

This dome with brass hanger and hook protects small feeders from the weather. Choose from orange or red Hang this orange dome over the 12 oz. Oriolefest Oriole feeder, red dome over the 8 oz. or 12 oz. Hummerfest Hummingbird feeder or clear dome...

NEW!!!!This recycled plastic orange (attracts orioles) feeder comes with pole clamps to easily mount to a pole. Clear cup holds a good quantity of jelly or can be used for other bird food such as meal worms, peanuts, suet pellets or fruit....




Oriole Fest Oriole Feeder for nectar, jelly and oranges Perky Pet Oriole nectar feeder with bee guards Ultimate Oriole bird feeder for nectar, jelly and oranges
Oriole Fest Oriole FeederPerky Pet Oriole nectar feeder with bee guardsUltimate Oriole bird feeder

The first feeder ever to accommodate nectar, one-half orange and four places for jelly. It has been known for years, that the color orange attracted Orioles.

Best used for: Attracting Orioles > Feeders - Oriole Features an orange slice decor, 3 feeding ports, removable perch-activated bee guard and holds 36 oz. of nectar. The lovely rounded-diamond shape, coupled with the orange glow of the nectar...

Finally an Oriole feeder with enough nectar, orange halves and jelly capacity to attract and hold Orioles in your yard! When Orioles arrive, they are starving and quickly consume what's on other feeders. When the feeders are empty, they move...




Orange Acrylic weather guard by Birds Choice Recycled plastic Orange Jelly feeder Single Cup Recycled plastic jelly feeder
Orange Acrylic weather guardRecycled plastic Orange Jelly feeder Single Cup Recycled plastic jelly feeder

Orioles are sure to come! 1/8" Acrylic hangs above any of your feeders to protect against the rain. 13" Round. Feeder sold separately.

Double Fruit and Double Jelly Oriole bird Feeder (made of Recycled Plastic Milk jugs) Plastic cups for jelly, worms, fruit, or seed. Fabulous oriole bird feeder! 2 cups

Single cup jelly feeder recycled Plastic Milk jugs) with acrylic top Plastic cup INCLUDED for jelly, worms, fruit, or seed. Cable included