Recycled Plastic Bird Feeders

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Small recycled plastic bird feeder with cable for hanging SN4-200 S. 4 sided recycled bird feeder by Birds Choice Birds Choice acrylic fly thru feeder
Birds Choice 2 sided small hopper Bird feederBirds Choice Recycled 3 quart 4- sided bird feederBirds Choice Recycled fly-thru Feeder

  1-1/2 quart hopper constructed with poly -lumber and a removable seed tray/diverter. Comes with hanging cable. Green top

   Birds Feeder off of all 4 sides. More birds to view! Recycled 4-sided hopper with green roof, and removable base tray.

Dimensions: 15"L X 10.5W X 9"H

Attract Great birds with this arcylic top fly - thru feeder. Love this because the birds true colors show through.

Dimensions: 16-1/4 L x 12-1/2 W x 10-1/2 H.




Large hopper four sided bird feeder Birds CHoice recycled tray SNSC-300 large tray Recycled Plastic Log Suet Bird Feeder for suet plugs or peanut butter.
Birds Choice Recycled Large 4 sided hopper Bird feederBirds Choice recycled pole mount seed catcher platformRecycled Plastic Log Suet Bird Feeder

Huge! Holds 4 gallons of seed!  5/8" poly lumber taupe base, green roof and a removable seed tray. Acrylic panel on 4 sides make this a great feeder to watch birds feed. Made out of recycled poly-lumber, this feeder will never crack, split or...

Mount on a pole under a hopper feeder to feed and catch seeds and hulls. Designed to mount under recycled plastic topper Dimensions - 20" L x 15-1/2" W x 2-5/8" H

  Recycled Suet Log. Made from a solid piece of recycled material, this suet log holder has 4 holes. Push your suet logs into this feeder and enjoy watching woodpeckers. This is a great feeder to watch the birds extracting their suet from 4...




Recycled pole top mounted on your pole
Recycled Pole Topper

Built with 5/8 inch recycled poly lumber for long-lasting use. Poly lumber is made of recycled milk jugs in the U.S., and carries a lifetime guarantee to never crack, split or fade. All stainless steel screws. Thick clear acrylic roof panels....