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Arundale Sky Cafe, Mandarin Sky cafe Aspects Vista Dome Cardinal Shaped Screen bird feeder
Arundale Sky CafeAspects Vista DomeCardinal Shaped Screen bird feeder
The massive, 17” diameter dome further protects seed from the elements, and its unique, flared shape captures attention. When hung properly, squirrels will land on the feeder cap and slide off of it, unable to reach the seed. Dimensions: 9.25" dia. reservoir, 17" dia. dome, 17.5"H Holds 6lbs

Vista Dome is an all purpose feeder. Fill it with seed, fruit, mealworms, nuts, pet food, or even small chunks of cheese. Aspects' Domes are built to last a lifetime - that's why they carry a Lifetime Guarantee. 

All metal bird feeder shaped like a cardinal. Holds sunflower or suet plugs or cakes. Chain included. Size: 13 x 13 x 4




cardinal shape bird feeder Droll Yankees covered platform feeder Pinetree farms seed cylinder feeder
Cardinal Shaped Wooden Bird Feeder Droll Yankees Covered Platform Bird feederPine Tree Farms Cylinder feeder
Big bird feeder shaped like a cardinal, features a mesh "chest" for cling feeders and a 5-1/2" x 4-3/4" bottom tray.
  • 14-3/4″ Adjustable cover protects the seed from weather and allows for management of desired bird size. Acrylic tray holds the seed. Cardinals love this feeder
Long-lasting powder coated wire feeder to hold seed cylinders. For all bird species.




Pinebush Sunflower Hearts Bird feeder chickadee bird feeder, keeps large birds off. Birds Choice safflower bird feeder
Pinebush Sunflower Hearts Bird feederBecks Chickadee FeederBirds Choice Safflower/hulled sunflower bird feeder

Treat your backyard buddies with this PineBush Wingfield Sunflower Hearts Feeder! It's made to hold tons of sunflower hearts!  It's powder coated die cast aluminum ensures your feeder will last a long time.

Natural action for chickadees and nuthatches. Limits larger birds, allowing specific species to feed at the feeder.

Use to dispense safflower seed. Stainless steel screen and steel construction - green color




Droll Yankee X- 1 seed saver Wild Bill's Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder 8 port Black Sunflower Bird Feeder - Birds Choice red
Droll Yankees X-1 Seed SaverWild Bill's Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder 8 portBirds Choice Black Sunflower Bird Feeder

WONDERFUL BIRD FEEDER! Deep dish saves dropped food and holds sunflower seed, mixed seed, fruit, or mealworms and a adjustable dome to keep out larger birds

Squirrel and Raccoon proof bird feeder! The Wild Bill's feeder delivers an electric shock when a squirrel or raccoon attempts to feed. 8 ports

Quart Sunflower Forever Feeder. Molded durable red acrylic top and bottom, birds cling on stainless steel screen and on 6 perching stations. Lifetime guarantee.